Review – Music Row Magazine

What a thrill to get such a great review from longtime Music Row Magazine contributor, the highly respected Robert K. Oermann in the online March 20, 2013 issue!

Writers: Sheena Persons/Sheila Rochelle/Byron Hill; Producer: Byron Hill; Publishers: Song Source / Triage / Byron Hill, ASCAP/BMI
“The DisCovery Award goes to the surprisingly accomplished newcomers of Missouri Mile….Songwriters Sheena and Sheila are sisters who comprise the duo Missouri Mile. They harmonize as only siblings can. The lilting title tune to their seven-song EP reveals them to be simply audio awesome. The song is completely captivating as both a melody and a lyric, and Byron Hill’s production frames their vocals with a lovely, luscious mix of mandolin, bass and acoustic guitar. In a word, enchanting. Producers and A&R folks take note: All of these songs are worth cutting, pronto.”Robert K. Oermann, March 20, 2013